Технология измерений
Технология измерений
MarGear GMX 400 W Universal gear measuring center
Характеристики изделия
Precision, fully automatic testing of gears and gear cutting tools up to an outer diameter of 400 mm.

Combining gear measuring tasks with various form & position features has never been easier.

With over 6000 units sold, the MarWin environment is a clear and simple way of creating complete programs in Teach In mode.
This improves programming efficiency and reduces the possibility of incorrect use.

Proven GMX realtime machine error correction is also used for positioning movements with the new MarEcon control unit, guaranteeing maximum speed and precision throughout the entire measuring and movement sequence.

Gear, form and dimension measurements are performed on one measuring instrument.

High-precision 3D scanning sensor combined with directly driven C-axis for accuracy and speed

Control unit
4-axis control unit
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Максимальный вес детали [kg]
60 (80 on request)
Масса [kg]
Accuracy class I for gear measurements in accordance with VDI/VDE 2612/2613 Group 1 at 20°C ± 2°C
Торцевое биение (радиус измерения мкм+мкм/мм)
0.11 µm + 0.0008 µm/mm
Текст нижнего колонтитула
* max. diameter of cylindrical gears
Отклонение радиального биения (мкм по высоте стола)
≤ 0.11 µm
Высота (мм)
1787 мм
Ширина (мм)
600 мм
Путь измерения (мм), ось Z
Путь измерения (мм), ось Y
Максимальный диаметр* [mm]
Расстояние между пиками [mm]
optional: 450, 700
Длина (мм)
1560 мм
Путь измерения (мм), ось X

Fully automatic testing of:
  • Straight and helical toothed cylindrical gears
  • Conical and asymmetrical cylindrical gears
  • Segment gears
  • 3D surfaces, diameters, distances, cone angles
  • Form and position measurements
  • GDE
  • Data export